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Salyamov Hosyain Yusipovich

Salyamov Hosyain Yusipovich Chief Doctor

Volgograd Regional Dental Polyclinic

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Chief Doctor of State Autonomous Public Health Institution «Volgograd Regional Dental Polyclinic», Volgograd, Associate Professor of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry of Volgograd State Medical University.

List of services

Health Organization and Public Health

Orthopedic stomatology


High 27.02.2015 Orthopedic stomatology


Volgograd State Medical University. Diploma В–I № 323035 19.06.1976 Stomatology


0134180576110 29.10.2016 Health Organization and Public Health 0134180088861 21.02.2014 Orthopedic stomatology