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Therapeutic dentistry

Treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis with the use of all modern methods and technologies of the last generation, aesthetic restoration, teeth whitening.


Complex treatment of the mucous membrane with the use of modern high-tech techniques, patchwork operations, temporary splinting, permanent cast-glued tubular tires, application of the ribbon system.

Surgical dentistry, and implantology

All kinds of operations on an outpatient visit, a wide range of implantology with implants of various firms (MIS, Alpha-Bio, Ankylos, AnyRidge), patchwork. Application of highly effective imported anesthetics.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

The use of a laser, apparatus "Depotophoresis" - a method of treatment for problem teeth

Orthopedic stomatology

All kinds of modern dental prosthetics: solid-cast structures, cermet, non-metal ceramic (on zirconia frameworks and pressing method), metal-plastic. And also prosthetics on implants (removable and non-removable).


Correction of dento-jaw deformities.

Radiovisiography, orthopantomography

Highly efficient devices: Firm "Trophy" (France). "Sirona-sydex" - CW (Germany), the use of digital technologies (the use of Vendiographic sensors Gendex of KaVo-Germany) that contributes to maximize the quality of diagnostics and minimize the dose of radiation by 80% compared to conventional X-ray machines.